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Dog receiving acupuncture from a vet

Acupuncture & pain management support for your pet in the comfort of your own home

TUESDAY - FRIDAY 9.30am- 7pm

Other times available by arrangement

Carole has been treating my senior lab alongside pain relief medication for arthritis. We've seen a real positive change in her mobility. Carole is always calm and patient when delivering the treatments. We would recommend her to anyone :)

Carole is fabulous with the dogs, they all need something different from their treatment needs and the way they need to be handled. She is kind with them and within 4 sessions they trust her and are happy to be handled.... I would highly recommend her to treat your furry ones.



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Have you got a pet who is struggling with chronic pain or another chronic illness that conventional veterinary treatment isn't managing?

Maybe your animal can't tolerate regular medications due to side effects or other conditions.

Or maybe you've experienced the amazing effects of acupuncture yourself and want your pet to benefit from the same safe and effective treatment!

I'm Carole, a practising general practice vet for nearly 20 years and a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncture since 2016.

Having experienced the efficacy of acupuncture for my own aches and pains I jumped at the opportunity to train in veterinary acupuncture in 2016 and offer the benefits of a safe, effective drug-free treatment to the many pets I was seeing come into my clinic.

Having treated several canine, feline and rabbit patients over the years I found the ongoing interactions with clients and the steady improvements I saw from treatment so satisfying I thought "I want to do more of this; more pets should have access to this!" So in 2021 I set up a independent mobile acupuncture service so that wherever clients are registered they can access affordable acupuncture treatment for their pets in their own homes.

If you'd like to know more about what treatment involves or whether it is right for your pet, drop me a message via the form below or head to the 'More Info' tab  - there you can see a video of how Tilly the Labrador coped with her first acupuncture session.

I look forward to sharing the benefits of acupuncture with you and helping your pet to live their fullest life!

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