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International Dog Day - how much do we owe them?

Updated: Mar 25, 2023

This photo from the Paralympic Games is a great one to share on #internationaldogday as it represents a snapshot of just how much dogs do for us humans on a daily basis: #guidedogs #medicaldetectiondogs, assistance dogs, #therapydogs, bomb detection dogs, drug-sniffing dogs, #policedogs, army dogs - man's best friend indeed as so many owe their lives, health and independence to these amazing creatures.

Sadly we're not so good at returning their love and loyalty with illegal puppy smuggling, illegal mutilitations and irresponsible breeding practices just some of the issues I've posted about on recent months.

Closer to my own work we are really bad at recognising when our beloved canines are in pain - so often pet owners I see describe their dogs as "slowing down, but she's just getting old", or "a bit stiff but he soon warms up" and are surprised when I suggest a painkiller trial. There is a long way to go to educate not just pet owners but animal professionals like myself to recognise and act on, signs of pain in dogs.

Canine Arthritis Management do a great job of getting the word out so have a look at and if you're not sure then asking your vet for a check up for your senior pet is a great starting point.

And if you want to know more about how acupuncture can play a part in managing your dog's pain then drop me a message.

(Photo from Paralympic Games Facebook page, 23/08/21)

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