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How does your dog move? part 2

Here is our lovely borrowed doggy, Tilly, on one of her routine walks. To most passersby, she doesn't look like a dog in pain, but take a closer look at this video... Tilly has what I'd call a 'lumbering' gait when she runs. If you look at her topline she's like a rocking horse, front-end-up, hind-end-up, seesawing along. There is no movement in her spine between her shoulders and her hips. She is unable to truly stretch out or bring forward her hips and a lot more weight lands on her forelegs. She then almost throws her front end in the air to get moving forward again. She is likely to be developing secondary issues as a result of moving in this way. Contrast that with the flexing and extending of the spine seen in a racing greyhound in action, for example.

I'm hoping that with acupuncture we can loosen up some of these movement restrictions and help Tilly regain more normal function - so watch this space 🐾☺️ #pettherapyacupuncture #petacupuncture #caninearthritis #dogarthritis #acupunctureworks #caninepain

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